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DTN Engineers Inc. is local consulting engineering firm, was found in 1984 by Diep Nguyen, a professional engineer (PE) to provide professional consulting engineering services. And today DTN Engineer Inc is one of the best private company started off as a small organization based out of Oakland, California offer in both electrical and mechanical engineering services from small to big scale clients.

Many projects have successfully done by our team's dedication and proven capabilities at DTN Engineers. The firm offers a complete spectrum of professional engineering services with special emphasis on electrical, control system and fire protection design for mostly industrial facilities, pump stations and wastewater/water plants. Our clients including governmental, industrial, and environmental facilities. Besides that, we also associate with many large consulting firms such as RBF, BKF, RMC, Geosyntec...

With more than 30 years, DTN Engineers humbly become an expert relative with Cities and Counties, and special Districts as a trusted consulting and designing designing for most projects such as new and upgrades of power systems, control and SCADA systems, or security systems... We are proud of our past, but never stop to improve our services for the best satisfaction to our clients in the future.


Our service is based on trust, professional, and responsibility. So we provide not only satisfaction but also the best services to our client. These are the best reasons why clients select DTN:

Relevant experience with industrial electrical projects and most qualified E/I&C capabilities. 
Responsive due to local and smaller size office with focus in only environmental projects.
Principals are ones who actually perform work, not just manage.
Most economical, efficient (no learning curves), timely and responsive services for proven high quality products/deliverable.

registrations & affiliations

DTN Engineers Inc. has well maintained professional certifications and through affiliations with these organizations such as Institute of National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), International Society of Automation (ISA), Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

•  Professional Electrical Engineer in State of California
•  Professional Control Systems Engineer in State of California
•  Professional Fire Protection Engineering in State of California
•  Certified Cogeneration Professional (CCP) of National Association of Energy Engineers
•  Distributed Generation Certified Professional of National Association of Energy Engineers
•  Electrical and General Contractor A licenses in State of California

•  Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers â�� Senior Member
•  International Society for Administration â�� Life Member
•  Oakland/East Bay Power Engineering Society
•  National Fire Protection Association
•  IEEE OEB Executive Committee


Diep Nguyen has actively served in various positions  as Chairman of the IEEE Power Engineering Society and Sr. Director of the OEB Executive Committee. He also has taught National Electrical Code (NEC) courses in the last 20 years in addition to various electrical short courses including Electrical PE Review Courses sponsored by the IEEE, OEB, PES, and SF PACE.

•  2003 Outstanding Engineer of the Year Award â�� IEEE
•  2000 Third Millennium Medal Award â�� IEEE
•  1998 Outstanding Engineer of the Year Award â�� IEEE

•  Design of Reliable Industrial Power Systems â�� California
•  Clean Power Variable Frequency Drives â�� Washington DC
•  Electrical Professional Engineer’s Mock Examination â�� IEEE
•  Computerized Load Management Systems â�� California
•  Electrical PE Exam Review Course â�� California
•  SCADA Basics and Future Trends â�� California
•  Power System Reliability â�� California
•  Innovative Electrical Controls â�� California
•  An Expert-System Environment for Computer-Aided Dynamic     System Design â�� Texas
•  Modern Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) System â�� California
•  Everything You Ever Want To Know Electrical Standards for Industrial Machinery â�� California
•  Selection of an Aeration Blower System Control Strategy â�� Illinois
•  Performing Community Services Can Further Enhance Your Future Career â�� California
•  Introduction to Control Systems Engineering for Wastewater Facilities â�� California
•  Standby Power Design and Application for Wastewater Facilities â�� California



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